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Resolved! FibreOptic Service

Fibreoptic service is available in my neighbourhood. I have been trying to get a straight answer about the conversion of the fibre optic signals (light) to the electronic signals which are required by my phone, our computers and our internet (all fro...

RonBo17 by Neighbour
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Telus Fibre + network switch

Hi all, I am wondering about a couple of things: 1) If I want to use a network switch (unmanaged), do I place it after the router (and not between the ONT and router)? I'm assuming this is the case, but would like to confirm. 2) If I do place the swi...

Resolved! Port Forwarding no longer works on my T3200M

I have a T3200M router and for many months I was hosting a Minecraft server on my computer with the port TCP 25565. Since then it stopped working, and this says the port is closed, even with the server r...

Resolved! Expand WiFi Distance

I have the TM3200 with 2 of the WiFi Boosts, yet I can seem to keep outside devices connected consistently. Is there away to increase the WiFi signal of these devices?

Resolved! Port Forwarding is not working

I am currently trying to open port 24001 to set up my own server. After going through the T3200M configuration page and enabled the port. I used this tool to test with out any luck. I have tried with other ports as well such as port 80, and I still g...

NPC0001 by Just Moved In
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Slow speed on booster even when wired?

Hello... I hope I’m able to find a solution here for my problem with the experienced members. I have this weird spot in my basement that I’m unable to get my Telus Booster to maintain acceptable speed. I have Cat6 cable though the house, and I have a...

Wifi add guest

I would like to add guest to my main wifi for my kids, how can I do this ? Thank you in advance

wachokitz by Just Moved In
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Internet and Optik Tv

Only thing that works is the landline, Internet and Optik Tv has been down for about 3 days now. Anyone know whats going on? And if telus is actually doing something about it ?, Every time I call them I have wait on the line for over an hour and when...

AK1957 by Just Moved In
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