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PureFibre Install - bringing into house

Hello, I’m trying to switch from Shaw to TELUS and hit a bit of a hurdle during the installation. I have a new house with a panel in the basement that houses all my telecom connections. The house is wired for Ethernet and I currently have a Shaw mode...

Wilbur80 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! how long does Telus ONT battery backup last in power outage?

I just got fiber installed. The technician insisted that the land line needed to be moved to the phone port on the ONT.My wife is not happy that our land line is now subject to a battery backup during a power outage versus the essentially 'always ava...

clarkg888 by Just Moved In
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Capped smarthubs

We have two smarthubs in our home: One older (ZTE MF275R) with a 100GB plan and a newer (ZTE MF279T) with a 500GB plan. The newer hub with the 500GB plan never goes past 10Mmps, while the older one reach much higher speeds - often 25-30Mbps. Accordin...

PatrickE by Just Moved In
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T1200H Bridge Mode not working?

Hi, my ancient Thomson bit the dust and it was replaced by a T1200H. I was running a Dlink di 604 port forwarded (83) for my Security Camera server (Blue Iris). I setup the T1200H in Bridge Mode on port 1 to my Dlink (port 1 to wan input) and now I c...

mikcole by Neighbour
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email issue

Just spent 2.5 hours on the phone. First 1 hour and 1/2 to speak to someone in Manilla and I asked for a referral to Canada because the last time I tried to deal with a technical issue the person wanted to send a technician out and it was not necessa...

rothayato by Just Moved In
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Telus lost my billing history?

Logged into our web account this week only to be presented with an empty billing tab with the message: "Your first bill isn't ready yet. We'll let you know by email and/or text when it's available." We have been Telus customers for years and when I l...

Email address - change accounts

My in-laws have been on Telus email since the early days of telusplanet dial-up. They are moving into a retirement home and the internet service available in the building is through shaw so they will be shutting down their telus account once the sale...

Rogue-1 by Just Moved In
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