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Ordered a modem last week, still haven't gotten an email

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I ordered a purefiber modem last week and they told me I would get it this week. However, I still haven't even gotten an order confirmation email yet. I called them yesterday and they said there was a delay and I would get the email once it ships, and I would get the package 3-5 days after the email, but it's already been 1 whole day and I still haven't gotten that email. I am praying that I get anything before next week because I am tired of having to walk to a nearby cafe every time I want wifi.

Just Moved In
Same here!

I requested internet service since August 26th,

An agent called Sunday, something happened with the online request and it had to be done all over again,

I call daily and the best I can get is "modem shortages" not sure when you'll have yours.

Literally can't watch the tv, can't work from home, and I have no idea when it I'll get the modem!