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LONG waits on the phone for customer service


I just spent a frustrating 2.5 hours on the phone waiting for and then talking to customer service. (Before that, I tried to get my problem solved on-line.) When the agent(s) spoke to me they were courteous but by the time the call was picked up, I was low on patience. I had spent the time listening to the incredibly repetitive 'music' and the continuous loop of all the good Telus does in the world. No doubt it's true, but basic respect for the time of your customers would be good too. Why was I not offered a call back? If the call centres are deliberately, or unavoidably understaffed, that would be a reasonable way to avoid disgruntled customers. I can only conclude at this point it's because Telus actually doesn't care about their customers, they are too interested in expanding their business in all directions and patting themselves on the back for being good corporate citizens. Get back to the basics of service before it's too late.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@annekaye Sorry to hear that was your experience. Our contact centres are experiencing high volumes so we've had to toggle our callback system on/off periodically throughout the day. Doing so ensures we're able to meet the callback requests in relation to volume levels at any given moment. 

If you haven't done so already, I suggest reaching out to our awesome social media team if you still require assistance. Their reply times are generally quicker:





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When you connected to chat, did you type in “agent”? That should connect you to a live chat agent bypassing the need to wait on the phone.


I am also extremely frustrated with incredibly long wait times. trying to help my father who has cognitive problems deal with the fact that he is getting charged $350 more than he expected last month because Telus sales reps keep contacting him to ask him if he wants to sign up for 'special offers' etc etc.  Now he cannot cancel unless we wait how long - 1 hour, 2 hours , 3 hours on the phone?  more??????


is not this a trigger call for telus to hire more reps? sometime good-will will be down to nothing


I joined them this September and recently switched back to Bell. I literally had 2.5 months of service with Telus. Its not the service and its the fact f you require assistance; good luck. Had billing issues. Called in almost 2 hours wait. I had network issues; called in and 1 hour wait. Wanted to chat with someone about a feature. No one is available in the middle of the day. Yes middle of the day. Never knew Telus was this bad. May never sign up for Telus again.  

Thanks but i have already ported over to Bell on a 5G+ plan 100gb CAD-US (Plus US Data and Min usage) for $60/month.