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The worst employee

Just Moved In
Hello TELUS,
I am very sorry to tell you that you have a very poor staff and colleagues.
Your employee recommended telus best deal plan in a group chat, I chatted with your employee privately and subscribed to telus internet line for a year. After I successfully submitted my order, he never cared about the router mailing or installation and simply disappeared. I subscribed on September 4, but it took me almost 10 days to get the router, during which I kept asking the employee and he did not reply to my messages. Then I got the router and installed it successfully, but I couldn't connect to the internet. When I checked I found that he had mistaken my address with another family. My telus app porfile was showing someone else's address. I continued to contact this employee several times after this incident and he did not respond. It was like he was dead. I was very angry. if he is dead then I express my regret. If he is not dead, I hope he can not take this commission.

Kind regards,

Community Power User
Community Power User

To my knowledge, Telus employees do not engage in group chat, nor do they offer a personal email address to customers for ongoing sales support.

You may have been contacted by a scammer.


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