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Printing via port 9100 blocked on Telus wifi

Hi all, I have a T3200M modem/router. I was able to print fine for a long time, but recently that ability disappeared. I think it is because the Telus wifi router is now blocking port 9100 in my house (can't telnet to that port when connected to Telu...

cwant by Neighbour
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Resolved! Internet Dropping Out Daily

My network setup had been working perfectly for about a year and a half on Telus Fiber. I had not made any network changes until late December when I experienced that first time the internet dropped out. My setup: Using Cloudflare and Google DNSTelus...

Telus PureFibre

My building, has been waiting for PURE FIBRE for a LONG time! I called Telus last JANUARY (2020), and they told me, that all of the "pre-in building installation" work has been completed! Yet, when I call asking when they are going to do the inbuildi...

Telus Hub Poor Speed Test

I have a TELUS hub with a roof antenna for best possible connection. I was getting 25Mbps Download and 25Mbps Upload speeds up until 3 days ago. Now I am getting 1.6Mbps download and 1.24Mbps upload speeds. I have done all the Power down and reset ex...

Glbbm34 by Just Moved In
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Telus modem/app incorrectly showing connected devices

Hello, I just noticed some of the devices that are connected on our wireless network are showing up as being connected via ethernet when we look at the Telus My Wifi app and also via the Telus modem GUI. There is not an issue with the connection itse...

JR_99 by Helpful Neighbour
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Insulting offer.

I'm presently paying $85 a month for Internet 150. My contract goes on until September 2021, and right up until now, I was more or less satisfied with my service. Now, I just got a "great" offer from Telus, being an existing customer, to upgrade to I...

TloYYC by Just Moved In
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I just started receiving emails via "", telling me I have received a message from a Telus phone. It gives no identification of the sender other than the phone number. As well it also lists all the other phone numbers it was sent to, as w...

Larry10 by Just Moved In
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Increase in home phone

Why has my home phone plan been changed without my knowledge or consent? An increase in $5. from Dec. to Jan. with no explanation other than my 12 month discount ends in Feb.

Resolved! Internet 25 speed

I did a speed test and the results are download 11.1 mbps and upload 2.9 mbps. Is that acceptable for 25 speed.

mike101 by Just Moved In
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