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Can I keep my Telus email address

I’m moving to a location that doesn’t have Telus fibre so I have to change to Shaw for my internet service. Can I keep my old Telus email address if I still have telus mobility?

gxs256 by Just Moved In
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Who Has the Telus PureFiber 2.5Gps Service?

Who here has this service and could you tell us what equipment config, model numbers and pictures could you share with us? I would be greatly appreciative to know and see this setup. I'm considering it for our home in Vancouver, as it is available he...

kamak by Ambassador
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NH20A (Bridged) + MoCA for Optik TV + Own Router? Possible?

Does anyone know if I put the NH20A into bridged mode for use with my own wifi6 router instead of the TELUS one, can I still use the MoCA on the NH20A to directly connect to the Optik TV units. I understand to have Optik TV wirelessly, I need to use ...

SupaKen by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Bridging customer owned routers to Telus router/equipment

With reference to this old thread from the Telus com forum:,party%20router%20in%20its%20place. When turning on bridge mode on the T3200M...

kamak by Ambassador
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Does anyone know if it takes a few days for a payment to go through if I paid it through my bank? Because I paid my bill through my bank yesterday and they cut off my wifi today

Clo1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Fibre - Horrible Issues with 3rd Party Exterior Installer

We have been trying for months to get the external Fibre cable installation completed by Telus, so that the inside work can be done. The external install is being done by a 3rd party. We live at a rural address and must have an appointment as it take...

csc by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Fibre - Router & Boost Box Question

Hi everyone, I have a new Telus Fibre install at my new home. It seems to consist of two boxes - what appears to be the router/modem box (A white thin rectangle bolted to the wall) and a cylinder gizmo that they tell me is the Telus Boost unit. I hav...

Resolved! Reset Default Admin Password

I tried to log into the admin panel for my modem, but it seemed the password had been changed, so I tried resetting the password only to be told "The default admin password is incorrect. You must enter the correct default admin password." I have trie...

tape by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Routing issue from Calgary/Vancouver to Seattle via Level3

Issue : Target IP : (Level3 Seattle) Problem : High Latency. Up to 60ms.Expectation : Below 20ms. Effected users : all Telus gaming users.I will post treceroute if needed.

liliass by Helpful Neighbour
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