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Bonded copper


What are the fastest speeds possible over bonded copper. I read some where that 150/150 is technically possible.


Community Power User
Community Power User

You would typically get results of 150/50. Depending on line condition variables.

I’m getting about 95/35 right now, which is fine, but thinking about switching to Shaw. I don’t think Telus will ever offer Fibre where I live.

Wonder if it’s even worthwhile switching to Shaw. The download speeds are much faster, but upload is limited to 100. Upload speeds are more important. Would the extra 65 with Shaw even be that noticeable?

When I was on bonded copper, the max I could get where I live, if I didn't have Optik, was 50/10. With Optik, 25/5 for internet and 25/5 for Optik. It can vary depending on distance to the CO / DSLAM.

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