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When can I order fibre?

Telus contractors recently installed fibre in my condo. All work is done in the units. All floors are connected to the comm room and the comm room is connected to the street. Unfortunately it still shows my address as unavailable on any rough idea when I can order service? Does Telus have to do some stuff on the backend? It's been a week since they wrapped up work.


@tomasthetrain Wrote: Telus contractors recently installed fibre in my condo. It's been a week since they wrapped up work.


I can only speak from prior experience after our building was retrofitted for fibre a few years ago. It took approximately 2 1/2 weeks before the building became live.


Remember TELUS still has to install fibre within the actual unit, so depending have busy they are getting an appointment for that install may take an additional bit of time.


Most likely TELUS will use a product call Iinvisilight to do the in unit install, this is a fascinating product. you can view an overview at the following link...


In the meantime perhaps contact the strata council if you are in a condo development to see if prior arrangement's have been made for special intro pricing specifically for your building. In our case much better initial pricing was offered for an early connection commitment.


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