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Optik on the Go once flash is gone

As you may know flash is about to be deprecated for all windows user starting December 31, 2020 Is Telus working on a solution to allow Windows 10 users to continue using the service without Flash either through an app or browser?

ale2999 by Just Moved In
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Linking Google Assistant to Optik

When I go to the Google Home app on my Android phone and link to the TELUS Home Assistant with my account credentials, it only provides the option of adding a TELUS Modem and not the Optik TV boxes. It doesn't even give me the option to select which ...

LT13 by Organizer
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Knowledge Network App

The Knowledge Network App has lots of programs that are not offered on channel 117 as well as offering past programs and series. Could Telus install this app on the Optik TV system so that I can watch these programs on my Sony smart TV? Unfortunately...

VicMom by Just Moved In
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Unable to record on Optik TV PVR (even after Telus assistant helped me)

My Optik TV PVR cannot record or do series recordings.I contacted a Telus employee yesterday and they helped solve my issue remotely. However, after a few hours of my PVR working, it stopped working again. It will not record anything, and my series r...

FrancisLi by Friendly Neighbour
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Optic TV PVR Static Audio

Some but not all PVR recordings have poor audio. It is broken up with long periods of silence, then a few seconds of sound. Live TV seems to be fine. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

topher by Just Moved In
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Unable to record on Optik TV PVR

I have scheduled recordings that are no getting recorded into my PVR.I have restarted my Optik box through the settings panel. I have also unplugged, left it unplugged for 10 minutes, then replug it. So far no solution on how to fix my recordings not...

FrancisLi by Friendly Neighbour
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Problem with Optik 4K PVR VIP5662 and using Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

HelloAnyone using a Fiber Optic HDMI for longer cable runs? If so what brand and length? I have a new Epson HC 3800 4K Projector directly connected to a Telus 4 K PVR (VIP5662) using a Certified 4K 18gb (5 meter) HMDI cable, 4K Signal & picture is ex...

Optik tv on the go

Windows 19 and optik on the go..is totally glitchy...many problems for the past three years..tried updating lap top to a $4000 gaming unit thinking my laptop was buggered.didnt change...global app., CNN app. And my old service with Shaw..no issues......