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After moving to a new address recordings do not play anymore

Friendly Neighbour

Hello all,


Everything was working as expected after moving our services to our new place. I carried the equipment with me and had no issues with my 4K PVR (UIW8001). One day Telus removed my old address from my account profile, as I was still seeing the address and the services consumed at that address by the new tenants on MyTelus website and app.


Once the deletion took place my recordings (some from 6 years ago..documentaries from BBC) became inaccessible, the message that shows up when the 4K PVR reboots is the following:





Is there any way to restore my 6-year recordings, or is this a lost cause?




Community Power User
Community Power User

Accounts seem to be connected to an address, not a person. Thus your move causes the creation of a new account, and deletion of the old. Recordings are connected to an account - you cannot take them elsewhere. Unfortunately, this puts you in the same position as those who have had malfunctioning hard drives, or needed to upgrade equipment for other reasons; the recordings are lost.

With time, all recordings are ephemeral.

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