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TELUS 4K Content

Friendly Neighbour

So, what is the state of TElus 4K content at this point.


Asking this because a week ago I had access to Travel XP 4K, Love and Nature 4K, NASA 4K, Revel and Inultra, and today July 14th I have zero access to these channels.


Hello all,


I'm using the 4K PVR, not the cloud one, it is the same device I have had for the past 6 years, and for some reason, I'm losing access to these channels.


Are they part of new packages, or were they removed?

Does someone know what is happening??




I have the 4K pvr and I still have Travel XP 4K. Maybe your account needs to be reprovisioned. You will have to contact Telus for that.

Friendly Neighbour

Did that @buckycat but it didn't work. TELUS has made a complete mess with my account after I moved, the day I moved I kept seeing my previous address in my telus app and all the consumption on the new tenant services. So, Telus raised a ticket to delete that address from my profile, the day that happened, all my theme packs were swapped to something I used to have way before, then my recordings became unplayable (6 years of recordings). And now 2 days ago I lost access to all the 4K channels that were supposed to be basic.

I have spent countless hours over the phone and no one has helped. TELUS support lines are so subcontracted that people has limited access to tools or even the backbone support, so, it has been a total waste of my time.

I'm at a lost here.