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Cannot contact the Telus Online Order Services

I have ordered a new phone for my son and daughter. My sons phone shipped and was just left on our front step by a courier. The other phone was sent via Canada Post and the tracking states that it was delivered to our mailbox but we did NOT receive t...

Credit check

On June 13 2020 i signed up for a plan with telus. Upon checking my equifax telus did 2 hard inquiry? One on June 13 2020 and on June 15 2020 is that normal?

mkrpll11 by Just Moved In
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Data charges

I'm curious, when I renewed my my cell phone a few months back I was given a new plan. I was also told I wouldn't incur overage charges that my data would revert to 3G. Did this change? I just received a text saying if we use any more data that this ...

JJ81 by Just Moved In
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Airdrie cell service issue

Are there any issues with cell service occurring in Airdrie at the moment (SW Windsong specifically)? For the past few weeks my household has been having nothing but issues throughout the day (dropped calls, quality issues, connection issues, robot v...

Crabjuice by Just Moved In
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Got an EMAIL about online order

I ordered a phone and a plan online from Telus then couple days later I received an email saying there’s is some discrepancies to my order and it was asking for personal information like my government ID,And proof of address showing my name and askin...

NacCal17 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Automatic Plan Renewal Error

I have my plan set for automatic renewal from my credit card each month. Today I got a message saying the plan was not automatically renewed and expired on June 13 due to a credit card error. I checked my credit card account and the payment is listed...

getting overcharged

I'm being charged $75 (for 2-3 month I hear) for the Peace of Mind plan that I was invited by Telus to join at $65at $10/month that could sum up to $30 !Not much of a peace of mind for me.

ClaudeB by Just Moved In
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$100 Offer didn't work

Hi!I've been with Telus for over 3 years.Eary May of this year I accepted Telus' $100 offer to have friend or family join Telus. I sent it to him in text, and email. His family was all set to follow through with it at the end of the month when their ...