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Spam Calls and Roaming Robbery

Just Moved In

On my usual day to day phone use when in Canada I get a frustrating number of Spam calls. This is infuriating and time wasting but at least I'm not charged extra to hear them when at home. (Side note: Is there nothing that phone companies can do to stop these?!?! Seriously?!?!)  Right now I am travelling overseas and I have to stay connected to my home number for business purposes. On top of the absolute daylight robbery that is the Telus roaming charges (and it seems all Canadian tele-service providers), I also have to deal with the possibility that an incoming call may be from a potential client so I have to answer it, which will automatically charge me $16, only to find that that incoming call was F#*@%$! SPAM, so I have just paid $16 for the pleasure of getting a spam call or listening to a spam voicemail, when I could have avoided the charge for that day altogether. I have been away for 5 weeks now and I would say that easily 50% of my incoming calls to my Canadian number have been spam. Am I wrong in feeling like I shouldn't have to pay $16 a day to receive spam calls?!?! 


Community Power User
Community Power User

If you haven't yet used Call Control it's a great feature and should address some of your issues:


Call Control for mobile devices explained | TELUS Support

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