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Bill not showing up on app or webpage, can't pay mobility bill

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So, I got a text that said I had overdue mobility bills to pay. I check my app and nothing is there but it says I have 300$ worth of mobility bills to pay. 

The only thing I've paid on the app is the security bill for a ringbell camera installation and thermostat which was 22$ and now my bill balance is 0. 

Also, is there a reason the bill is this high? This isn't the internet bill, since I paid that to Altima, so is this just a first charge thing for my phone numbers? (3) 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. You should be able to log in to your My TELUS account to see the breakdown of all charges, including Mobility. If I understood correctly and you said it's your 'first charge' for your numbers, it's most likely prorated billing and will return to your monthly quoted price for each month moving forward.

Just Moved In

I want to get into my account to pay my bills