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5G / LTE B71 (600 MHz) Montreal

Hi,is it normal that there is 600 MHz antennas liste in the database of a tower near me in the east of Montreal not powered? Additionally I am not seeing them with the app I have on my S20 5G. Powering those antennas would greatly improve the reception in my building . I can see that Rogers powered them at 3000W.

Anyone have more information?

What makes you think those antennas and spectrum licenses are owned by Telus? The Telus network primarily uses band 66/n66 for their service from coast to coast. Definitely not the best choice and then there are some areas where only Bell towers exist that are also used by Telus. Bell and Telus do not own any band 71/n71 spectrum.

Hi Yes they have in Quebec and for Montreal. Not in GTA

If you use Tower locator app on Android you can see the towers and if you click on the tower you have the list of antennas / power

Just switch to Telus and disappointed on ly B2 and B7 are often used. B12 or B13 are barely used. My only hope is the 600 MHz n71 in LTE mode. I think they wait before enabling. Can't see n78 I have a S20 that I think not compatible but useless inside a building.

Interesting. That doesn't mean they intend to deploy it though. Usually small allocations of spectrum are used to barter for other chunks of spectrum owned by other carriers that is more comparable with their already deployed technologies.

I hope so because even if I get a good plan I will either go back to Rogers network or will try Videotron network

At the price they buy yhe licenae for sure they will use it but did noy seen any until now

I hope they use it but Rogers and Videotron are good candidates to trade or sell that spectrum to for a profit. Telus has been very profitable over the past few years at customers expense. Band 66/n66 isn't bad outside in mostly flat areas that aren't heavily populated so band 71 deployment would help Telus a lot in the major cities. I just don't think that they intend to deploy it because it does not fit into their current deployed technology. The Telus network is about as basic as it comes.

As I was able to see they start to deploy in order to aggregate 4 bands for 5G+. I mean only 600 and 700MHz have a good penetration through buildings. Rogers already have a good spectrum and will share with Videotron so they will not sale. Telus and Bell only have 2 times 5MHz wide apart for 700MHz while Rogers next to each other so faster speeds. I think Telus just put a priority on 3500MHz for now but only newer phones support it and available outside... Better to have stability than advertising crazy speed.

Anyone from Telus in this forum? ETA on band 71? I will have to call tech support again to maybe have answers.

I agree. The Telus network in terms of deployment and technology though, only makes sence from a value standpoint. Band 71n71 is by far the best for indoor and dense areas, including underground.

Discussed with technician and told me 600MHz will be deployed within 6-12 months from now 😞 20 tickets within a month in my region and nothing planned to help. They escalated the ticket but not sure it's gonna help. Should have more news within a week.

BTW able to see other carrier B71 so my phone if working ok