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Not able to do changes on the app

Just Moved In
For the last month I have been trying to change my mom’s mobility rate plan. The app kept telling me I had to call in. Everytime I called and explained what I needed, the system would send me a text with instructions and then hang up. I finally got through to an agent (who was not very good AND it sounded like they were at a family dinner based on the background noise) who changed the plan. When I asked why I can’t do it on the app I got a story about how busy the season is. Normally I would buy that but I have been trying for over a month with the same issue. I would love an explanation as to why the app would not work for one of the lines on my account but would work for the other 2. And I would especially love this explanation given everything is going DIY.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Shann799 It sounds like a backend issue but there isn't a way for us to determine that on community - it'll require a ticket to be cut in order to investigate it. 


Do you use social media at all? I know it's not a long-term fix but in the interim, you can engage our social media team for help with the rate plan until such time the issue is fixed:

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