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2 Person Account Holder

Just Moved In

Hi, Has anyone else had issues with not being able to have 2 people on an account as equals? I have tried many times over the past few years but time and time again after making changes they tell me that my Wife has to ok my request and that they can't give me personal information. I have tried calling and have spent hours on the phone over many different instances. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!




Community Power User
Community Power User

An account is a personal thing, and is ‘owned’ by a person (or company). Without permission of the account holder, a second person can’t be added. It seems you are trying to add yourself without your wife giving her permission to Telus to add you.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Just to top up on this: there are two levels of access on every account.

Account holder (only one person per account)

- can change PIN

- perform activations

- resume from cancelled

- can use all features of your My Account profile

- can cancel, renew, transfer ownership

- all contract affecting changes can be requested by this person only


Authorized names (up to two names per account)

- can discuss the account

- can make non-contract affecting chances such as: rate plan changes, phone number changes, feature adds/deletes, report phone lost/stolen, customer requested suspension, disclose account balance

- this person must be added by the Account Owner through an explicit authorization request

There are no plans to include dual accounts owners at this time.