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Poor or no wireless reception

Hello Telus. we are Koodo and TELUS mobility customers. Recently we have consistently experienced reception problems at Burnaby Metrotown, Downtown Vancouver, and inside most of the Costco shopping centers. Some of our friends who are Fido customers ...

Leo1234 by Just Moved In
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Contacting Telus

I'm on an EPP plan. Does anyone know a way of contacting Telus other than by phone? I don't have time to wait 2 hours + on hold. There doesn't seem to be any live chat anymore and it refers me to an EPPCare e-mail address. But the e-mail address does...

Family Account

My spouse and I have separate accounts, linked so I can see them both to pay the monthly bills for both. We are interested in the family account so we can save some money with the family discount. We are also both due for device upgrades. Question ab...

sdfjhg by Organizer
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Prepaid phone internationally

I moved out of Canada. My prepaid phone number is hooked up with my bank and registered at many services. I am cut off because Telus don't have roaming for prepaid. It seems I would need to get a new Telus sim to even move to monthly plans. Is this t...

Ported Number Help

I ported my number and for everyone except my wife, it shows the ported number. For her it comes up as the number Telus gave when they created the account.Weird or what, help!

Erin17 by Neighbour
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Best Buy won't work on data

I went to use the Best Buy app and the Best Buy Canada website today and neither one worked on mobile data. Tried on Chrome and Samsung browsers, both didn't work. But works fine on wifi.Help!

Erin17 by Neighbour
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Resolved! scam

Hi all, I got a call from TELUS and was offered very good deal over the phone.I received wrong phones that were different than what I agreed so I returned it.The TELUS person sent the phones again but was wrong phone again.The return label was from T...

johan1108 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Bill Credits?

Ordered a Black Friday deal with new phone and plan. All is good. The latest bill is what I expect.But there was something in the confirmation email that wasn't expected and I don't understand:"Credits and discountsOne-Time Bill Credit $50-$50.00Re...

brulaz by Organizer
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