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Is [email protected] legit
Got a home security quote from this email who connect me to telus mobility agent later became I was interested in cell deal
My brother think it isn't legit

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Community Power User

It's very likely to be a scam. The mobility agent you spoke to was also likely a scammer. The quotes they provide are often far below the actual prices for the services. For legitimate quotes, the Telus reps will make note of them and you can call the real Telus phone numbers and confirm. Only proceed with any service if you call Telus directly using the number on Telus's website, not on the number they give you by email as many scammers will give you their own number.


If you are interested in a legit quote for home security or mobility, call the number(s) listed on Telus's webpage:

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Hello, I was searching online and came across this. I received a phone call offering home telus internet. I told them I'm already with telus. They said unfortunately I am not qualified for the promotion. They were about to hang up the phone when I asked them if they promotion can be offered to my parents who were with Shaw. They said absolutely. They asked for my mother's driver's license #, DOB and address. I was worried about being scammed and I made this known to the caller. I asked him to send me an email. He sent me and email from [email protected]. I forwarded the email and the message source codes to [email protected]. That department replied about 30 mins later and stated that it is legitimate. I called the caller back and gave them my mother's information. Half a day later, I received an email from [email protected] to register with telus. Everything is checking out so far.

Just Moved In
Could you provide an update or confirm if the email :[email protected] is it legit?

Any email address that ENDS with EXACTLY or belongs to TELUS. Note the @ or . that must immediately precede the word TELUS. Read them carefully as scammers use email addresses that may look similar if you just glance at them

It was legit. They came and installed


Hi. Everything worked out fine. They came to install internet for my parents condo. It's been a few months now and everything is OK. They gave them internet 500 for $40 per month for 2 years.