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Resolved! 4K PVR, how do you watch a recorded show when internet down?

Hi;How do you watch a recorded show when internet is down?For some idiotic reason you can not watch any shows you have recorded if the internet is down. Is there a setting someplace to change this?The reason you record shows is to watch them later. T...

Jazz59 by Organizer
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Resolved! Optik TV and Internet connection issues

Hey... About ready to give up. I've had nothing but problems for the last 2 months, I've been on Optik TV and Internet 150 for over a year now, except I had an upgrade to internet 150 about 2 months ago. Which is about when I started having issues. I...

Letkemann by Friendly Neighbour
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Why am I being billed twice for my home phone? My bill was paid the previous month well in advance of the due date and Telus went and added it to my next bill. Really?

idezine by Just Moved In
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Bridging problems

I have bridged my Actiontech h1000 to my new Linksys router. All my WiFi and TV seem to work but I can no longer watch the same chanel on multiple tvs at the same time. Eg; If I have HGTV on the main TV, the bedroom TV won't tune to that chanel until...

Nlarson by Just Moved In
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signal strength

My TV signal literally sucks since the new DVR has been installed. It cuts out freezes up pauses you name it... I have checked all the conections any suggestions?

How to get my email working???

I'd like to ask for help getting my TELUS email set up properly. Several days ago, TELUS contacted me via land-line and told me that my email address needed to be changed due to a security issue. I am using Outlook Express (Win XP) as my email applic...

Resolved! Telus satellite tv has no sound?

We upgraded our tv and blu-ray player. When watching a blu-ray or Netflix thru the tv, it's great. However, when we turn on our satellite receiver to watch it, there is no sound from any of the channels?? Have checked connections and mute, not the pr...

Myosh by Just Moved In
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