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Resolved! Trouble connecting

In the past week, I often get this message when I'm trying to connect to Telus Webmail. And at the bottom of the screen, I see "Downloading Proxy script" I also got this when I tried connecting here just now. If I click "Reload" and then click on the...

Viewing my EBill

I recieved an email to a link for my first Internet ebill. I cant find it in my account, only my mobile accounts are available. I tried to "link a service". Followed the steps, entered my acct #, it then texts a cofirmation code to complete. Problem ...

Chellezy by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Email keeps asking for password

For the last few days, perhaps as long as a week, I am prompted with a requirement to enter my Telus email password. This happens even when I am just in the process of composing a message, but also at other times. Very annoying. I have looked at my s...

FRIE by Just Moved In
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Why is not so simple question?

I have been with Telus for a long long time , unfortunately lately their support has suffered. I do not know if its the retaining qualified people or training problem.Why poor support ? why not transparent with services availability ?I am moving to a...

Alex_tech by Just Moved In
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Resolved! IMAP Server Keeps Timing Out And Dropping Account

I've been experiencing a very annoying problem the last couple days.The IMAP server keeps hanging on send/receive, times out and dropping my account. The email account(s) login box pops up asking for my username and password. They are defaulted with ...

Buzz by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! wds wireless repeater bridging T3200 and a wrt roiuter as an extender without turning actiontec into

wds wireless repeater bridging T3200 and a wrt router as an extender without turning actiontec into bridge replace mode.just want to extend the range without being forced to buy a telus crappy extender when wds wireless would suffice.telus router is ...

Service Outage

Hi is there a service outage currently anywhere in Lethbrisge? Thanks

Merv by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Is anyone else getting the fake Telus pop-up?

My Norton and Malwarebytes can't seem to get rid of this irritating pop-up. HELP! Telus Opinion Questionnaire - October 18, 2017In just a few short questions, tell us about your experience with Telus.Want to know what the reward offer is? Complete th...

lonnie999 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Just got Telus - Can I use my own Wireless Router

Couple weeks ago Telus installed Internet and TV in my condo. I have a very good router which I would like to use for my wireless. Is this possible to not use theirs for this? They put in a wireless 4K box for the TV as there was no drop for the cabl...

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