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Is the wiring installation in the maintenance room considered to be an Outlet / Jack?

Just Moved In

I was billed $150 for 2 outlets/jacks but there were none installed in our new home since the one for the main upstairs booster was already there and the TV's use a wireless box. The only thing I can think of is that I was billed for the RJ11 and RJ45 connections to the Nokia box and WIFI modem box because the wiring cabinet just has a bunch of cables for the various jack locations, etc... so it might have taken some time to determine the right cable to use. Seems to me that work would be included in the $300 (waived) installation fee though. I wasn't home at the time and my wife is not savvy about these things.IMG_1524.jpegEE7ECBAB-40DE-4A55-9D3D-BCEC3E28407D_1_105_c.jpeg82ADDD49-F7AB-4E42-B4DD-1BA84D52B556_1_105_c.jpeg21FC36BD-443C-4D62-8A77-565EB3161B61_1_105_c.jpeg 



I would consider outlets/jacks to be any new connection in a finished wall. Your connections in the mechanical room to the devices are part of the regular installation. Was the jack in your second picture already there or is that new?