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Why does only part of New Westminster have fibre, and the other part doesn’t?


I live in uptown New Westminster and was wondering why there is no fibre. For some reason the Queensborough part has it but not us. Why is that. This is not very convenient and it is very annoying that they got it and not us.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Community Power User
Community Power User

The Neighborhood is inhabited by Telus customers who have no insight to Telus’ plans of fibre expansion. 
There are, however numerous reasons, including currently available speeds to your neighborhood, ease of installation, and priority to install in other areas, come to mind.

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But Queensborough is a sub division of New Westminster. It sounds dumb for only the sub division to get it and not the whole city.


@Mehar  Overhead wiring is the easiest to run fiber.  Underground wiring along the street is   (normally now )installed in pipe. But from  a junction boxs to the houses a lot was direct buried because the sub developer wanted the cheapest way and civic govt didn't care or didn't inspect the installation. The odds of getting fibre are remote unless complete failure of cable and tel wires. I worked power over and underground +30 years and did not agree with some of the stuff i was told to do. It has come back to haunt them. Cable and tel installations in areas were all direct in ground and now failing every day. Polecat

@polecat so you’re saying that chances fo getting fibre in my area are very low to nothing?

@Mehar  If your in a sub somewhere around queens park A very hard situation  is it all in pipe or half buried  direct. To update the system (adding pipe) very costly cutting roadways driveways repaving etc. This is quite an older sub area i think (google earth) The cost to telus very high returning all landscaping back to normal make city happy.  IF Telus  shaw if in the area and hydro are in pipe No direct burial then maybe ok. you will have talk to telus directly. Maybe if you see a telus truck working the area stop and chat him up.Quick answer maybe.  If you have kiosks at different corners etc you are UG  Alll $$$$$$$$ hope this helps Polecat

@Mehar  Google earth not working well for me  fixed it now i see power lines only tel knows Talk to worker when you see one.

Sorry i thought you were in queensborough . If in a highrise fibre is a tough one. Building has to install i think if telus will. back to the cost Older building a lot higher Polecat