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Wireless Home Phone - Beware of Data Charges

For all those considering switching to Wireless Home Phone, this is from my experiences switching my elderly mother over for the last year. It is a great system in that it uses cellular technology (plugs an existing "regular" phone into a black box t...

KP2024 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! ethernet speed

Hi,So I noticed that my internet speed on computer B is slowerthan computer A. Both computers are separately connecteddirectly to Telus provided modem and router via Cat 6 cables(both new) on Ethernet port 3 and Ethernet port 4. Logged intoTelus GUI ...

jamesiha by Just Moved In
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Lower internet speeds

Hey all,I have the Pure Fibre Gigabit Internet, which should be around 940mb/s download.When I checked it was only 630mb/s. Also when I am downloading a game through Steam or XBox Gamepass it caps at 70mb/s.They put a white box on my wall which has a...

Slow internet

I have Telus pure fiber 300 but consistently get download speeds of 80 over the last few months. No way to contact telus over the phone. Useless customer support. I'm wired in to the internet. I need to talk to a real person but can find a way to do ...

Resolved! Connect App

I Open Telus Connect. I was Logged out. It Wouldn't accept password. Changed password. Now Telus Connect says NOT on home wifi. Have done all trouble shooting. Why does this app keep dropping for me

Mam by Organizer
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