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smart hub

Just received a smart hub but don't know the purpose of it. Is it supposed to replace my router or work in conjunction with it?

snappyty by Friendly Neighbour
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ZTE mf279t Wrong location

I've had issues in the past with my smarthub thinking im in a different region randomly, but now it seems to be stuck 400 kms away and has increased my latency drastically. Is there a way to force a location refresh, or something like that?I've tried...


Hey Telus, The issue: My March Bill came up with 2 items that I dont know what is it:- Equipment One time Purchase on Mar 20 $350- TELUS Boost Wi-Fi 6 $168I contacted to Telus Support, however the supporter could not resolve the issue as well as expl...

Jhp by Just Moved In
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Resolved! TP-Link Deco AX3000 WiFi 6 Mesh System

Thinking of replacing my existing T3200M router plus 3 Arcadyan extenders with a TP-Link Mesh system. My wifi network has been showing some flakiness of late and I'm thinking it's time to move on. I use Optik TV plus but without any Telus custom boxe...

bskitmor by Advisor
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Why is it so bad??

My wireless internet barely works. I have to toggle my internet on and off on my phone every 5 seconds to load anything. Downloading anything or watching anything is an impossible task. I am going to throw this garbage router off the balcony. A hundr...

Sy1 by Just Moved In
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RE: Billing for no Services

After more than 15 years with Telus I finally decided to switch providers due to the utter lack of customer service - any company that is fine with their clients waiting hours on hold on the phone needs to rethink their business model. Warning to all...

emlindh76 by Just Moved In
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Boost WiFi works when wired but not otherwise

I got myself 5 boosters. They’re all setup in my connect app. When all are wired at the same time they’re all blue lights and show as working.When I disconnect the 4 satellite units from Ethernet, only 2 stay blue and two go red which is confirmed in...

PoCoGuy by Friendly Neighbour
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