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Fiber Patch Cable


What is the right fiber optic patch cable that Telus uses? I found references to SC/APC, SC/UPC and SCA236 in the forums.

I’m pulling some cables to the basement soon and was hoping I could pre-wire a single-mode fiber from my basement to the telecommunications box outside, since it’s hard to reach. I presume the Telus technician will place a box outside our house when they roll out fiber this year in my area.


@Till  Are you OH or UG. Have you created a place for the ont and battery back and putting the house phone on pure fibre. I would 1/2 inch plastic conduit to the outside wall and up to point the fibre will come in from pole. If UG just above where the pipe comes out of the ground they would install a small box over the pipe and shove the fibre to the ont location. I am OH with no wires stapled to outside of house.  This way no extra connection points for future trouble. You can strap the ceiling with 3/4 to hide the pipe. You can install cate cables to the ont location and place your router at best location in the house . Run 2 cates to the router. the second cate can feed a switch to hook the other cate runs to. Some people install all double runs of cate cheap backup. Polecat


Telus (at least on Vancouver Island) uses Simplex SC/APC optical cables.

I use one of these. If you're doing a run in the wall, you might also want a couple of Keystones for each end. used to have them, but I can't find them anymore. I'm sure you can find them cheaper than this, I paid about $5 each

@Kolby_G  I use a site called (PRIME CABLES)  Real good prices located in Van and quebec . Have all the ends cables and crimping tools . Also printer ink and other things. They ship free after certain $. And fast. Polecat

Prime Cables is pretty good for some cables, however, they are ridiculously expensive for some of their fiber stuff, it looks like the SC/APC cables are similar in price though. They do have an SC keystone but it's not explicitly APC. It should work, but the losses may be significant.

Everything comes via underground to my house, it’s fairly remote (no cell service).

I was hoping to already have fiber running from the basement to the outdoor box, since pulling it later will be an unnecessary hassle, but I’ll be sure to leave strings in the conduit pipes.

So a simple SC/APC will be enough? Not UPC? I’m in Nelson, BC.