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Resolved! Telus Boost Wifi vs other mesh systems

The Telus Boost Wifi page compares the Telus system against some other mesh networks from popular vendors. Is Telus Boost Wifi a rebranding of some popular mesh system, or is it completely unique to Telus?

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Resolved! Does Telus Boost Wifi replace existing Telus router & modem?

Hi, Would Telus Boost Wifi replace my existing Telus router/modem (T3200M) or does it work together with it? Could Telus Boost Wifi take over all the routing and wifi functionality of the traditional router/modem; presumably there's some way to turn ...

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Resolved! Fibre Battery Backup Beeping

Hi guys,We had a power outage last night. When the power came on, the battery backup was beeping and the “alarm silence” button was not doing anything. Does anyone know how to stop the beeping? Please don’t tell me the battery is dead. They replaced ...

Resolved! Home internet

When will they Finish installing fibre optics in turner valley? We are waiting!

Internet drops after an hour and need to power cycle

I just got my fiber and the ont is connected to à modem that is in bridge mode the router loses internet every so often and i need to power cycle the router to get internet. Same thing happens if i directly connect the router to the ont.

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Download speeds

How about some truth about the download speeds while recording 6 hd tv shows what will the download speed be ????

Intermittent internet connection problems

After every few days, when a device which was previously connected to my wifi network attempts to connect it connects, however it has no internet access. Other devices that are actively connected continue to work. The workaround is to reboot the rout...

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