New Fibre Install Cabling Requirements

Just Moved In

We are wanting to switch to Telus Internet 300 and Pik TV and I know that the technicians are not coming in to homes right now.

We only have coax coming in to the house.  What if any cable will have to be installed to provide service to the modem? 

We don't have a garage, but do have a crawl space. Unfortuantely, the exterior wall where the utilities are supplied is spray foamed.

Just trying to plan ahead as to what I might have to do to during/prior to install.


Hey, just had install of fiber.


There was 2 visits.  First one was to run the fiber to the house.  They don't need to come in for that.  You may already have that done!


2nd visit (to do the actual install).


The guy drilled through from the outside of the house.

He gave me a fiber line (through the window!)

I pushed it through from the inside to the outside.

I then screwed down the wall plate (they provided attached to the fiber he gave me).


It was all pretty easy to do.


The rest of the install (setting up the modem, TV, etc) was done by me, but the guy was outside doing stuff too.  Seeing as I could just open the window and talk to him, it was really easy.  On the phone would be a bit tougher, but possible.


Hope that helps.