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Better service?

Has anyone had experience with other internet providers, or are they all dismal?

arnoldcg by Friendly Neighbour
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Google e-mail platform

Can anyone explain why Telus moved to the Google platform? It's the worst platform I've ever encountered. For example, as far as I can tell, it doesn't allow messages to be sorted by sender, which is very important to many users. I've given up trying...

arnoldcg by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Incoming Landline Phone Calls That Just Show "Incoming Call" on Call Display and Aren't Missed Calls

I occasionally receive an incoming call on my Panasonic landline that shows nothing in call display but "Incoming Call". I don't ever answer and the call eventually disappears without ever being subsequently registered by my phone as a missed call. J...

CAMERC by Organizer
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Telus Wi-Fi Hub and Apple Homekit

Hi gang,I upgraded my service to gigabit a while ago and got the Wifi Hub modem (the new white one) along with it. It’s in my garage but I’m finding, since getting the modem, my HomeKit devices (door lock and garage door opener - both within 25 feet ...

Resolved! Telus My-Wifi showing the wrong information

I have had 5 Telus Wi-Fi Boost devices in my home for about 2 years. While the WiFi does work well, recently I see in the My-Wifi app that the limit of 5 boost devices has been reached (previously there was no set limit)But it now does not recognize ...

BlairP by Organizer
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Wan aggregation

Does anyone know if it’s possible to enable LACP-IEEE 802.3ad on the new Telus wifi hub? I’d like to get wan aggregation to work (if I can) with my new Asus rt-ax86u router. Thanks!

Jamied89 by Neighbour
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Does Telus null route?

I have a homeserver and I'm running VMs. In order to have IPs, I have rented a VPS from and established a GRE tunnel between the VPS and my homeserver, then I routed a few IPs to my homeserver. Everything works great, but as soon as a VM star...

paul20 by Neighbour
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Telus mail to hotmail not working

Migrated to the new Telus/Google mail yesterday. With my Telus account, I can send mail to my Gmail and Yahoo accounts but not to Hotmail, although this was never an issue before. From Hotmail, I can send to my Telus, Gmail and Yahoo accounts. Any id...

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