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Telus mail switchover

Ok so I did everything i was asked to switch over to the gmail powered version at the end of July, choosing a 6th Aug date. So last week I get the same request to switch over which i ignored. I've just gotten a reminder so i decided to check out out....

Issue with Wi-Fi

Recently I have been getting ping spikes on Wi-Fi while playing games like League of Legends, I've never had this issue before. It would spike to 200ms-500ms every 3 mins. I do not have this issue with ethernet. Should I contact Telus Customer suppor...

Internet sucks

Why is it that when you sign a contract with Telus, your service goes to **bleep**. Then your told for a nominal fee you can upgrade. Everything is nothing but a money grab! People are not made of money, and I believe Telus doesn’t care about the lit...

Timesup by Just Moved In
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Migrating to Gmail - Verify contact information

Hi, At the moment, I am attempting to help a friend, who is blind, migrate from the Telus mail system to Gmail. She received the email inviting her to migrate, and to arrange a date for the migration, but when I am going through the process, I get to...

premcomp by Neighbour
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Resolved! Migration to gmail, what to do with old Telus apps....

So I've migrated my Telus email successfully to gmail. Now what do I do with the old Telus webmail app on my laptop? What about the email client I was using to get Telus email on my PC? And Telus email accounts still on my iphone? Do these apps simpl...

matth3641 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Actiontec T3200M Auto Channel Possible?

Is there any way to set the Telus Actiontec T3200M to automatically change the 2.4 and 5 GHz channels to pone that's less crowded? Noticing that mine is running on channels 11 and 161 and it never changes. Nearly all my neighbors are also on the 2.4 ...

Wifi keeps dropping

HI, We recently go telus wifi. We have noticed when playing video games or on video calls the wifi will drop out and not work for a couple seconds and then come back as if nothing has happened. Is there any way to fix this? We've tried restarting the...

nicole_B by Just Moved In
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Incompatibility of Google web mail with Outlook

I am extremely frustrated that Telus would have initiated a switch to google as its email server backbone without testing the compatibility with Outlook. The tech support person I spoke with yesterday said that no one he's dealt with is able to recei...

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