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Just Moved In



I noticed there are several bugs currently exist on your website.


1) unable to contact through the Telus Assist on your website, as nothing was nothing on the "bottom right" of the page.

2) website feedback feature "To help us improve this website, we'd love to hear your feedback."  was unresponsive.... a dead link?


   where the check box of "I agree with the user terms* and authorize TELUS to use my phone number and email address to contact..." just jumped to the top of the page.... and was unable to submit the request.

4) I really wonder who maintained your company's website? as some of the problem has been there at least half of the year PLUS.






Community Power User
Community Power User

1) Yes the chat Icon seems to be missing on the Contact Us page.

2 and 3) Looks like a coding issue where the link was simply left as "#", which would just jump to the top or reload the page.


Someone likely did an update to the website at some point and missed something. Pretty sure chat was working relatively recently though.

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