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how to access the extender (web6000Q) whose ip address does not start with 192.168.x.x

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Hi, I recently installed TELUS in my house, and the tech guy pretty quickly did it.

I did not notice that he didn't tell me about the network configuration,

so I needed to figure it out taking a lot of time.

Now, I found that;

there are three devices in total; 1. NOKIA device (I think this switches the signal from fibre to LAN), 2. wifi extender (which is physically connected to NOKIA first, and T3200) 3. T3200 (only connected to the extender)

Ideally, T3200, the main modem, is supposed to be firstly connected to the NOKIA device, but the tech guy put it downstairs and the wifi extender next to the device so that now wifi extender works as a gateway I guess?


Now, I have an issue which the ip address assignments;

1. under T3200, they have ip address starting with 192.168, and I can access the setup page. (local)

2. under wifi extender (WiFiPlus), the ip address does not start with 192.168.x.x, and it seems just ip address assigned from TELUS. And I cannot access the setup page of wifi extender, which should be, and sometimes it keeps disconnected and some devices such as iPhones have no 'internet' connection even though the wifi signals are there. 


I just researched and am thinking there must be DHCP problems here, but no idea of where to start with.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Here is the info on the Web6000Q including how to access it:


web6000q um (


I hope it helps.