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Orange light on modem

Hi there, there is an orange light on the internet part of my wifi modem, the wifi light is green.I’ve rebooted and even reset my modem and my internet is still not working.I’ve been on hold with support for an hour now with no luck of even hearing s...

Millzy by Just Moved In
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Why did telus decide to change to Google for email. I think Google get enough information for us as it is, without now letting them look at our emails.I have set up the new one anyway, not an easy process, heaven help anyone who is not computer savvy...

John13 by Just Moved In
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Vacation Suspension for TV

Tried to do the usual vacation suspension for my TV this year and was told I had to suspend my phone as well. Also I would lose all my discounts and loyalty credits on my account when the suspension ends. My land line call forwards to my cell (Telus ...

eireen by Organizer
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Resolved! Adding Access Point to Telus Router

I would like to add an access point (ie: TP LInk EAP245) to provide better wifi coverage. I believe if I connect the AP to the router via ethernet cable that there is nothing I need to change on the Telus router. Is this accurate?


We have INTERNET 150 and getting speeds of 39 Mbps download and 21 Mbps upload. Plus we have Wi-Fi Boost.Now we have rooms that have no wifi signal. Send a technician out ASAP.

TomK13 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Arcadyan wifi hub - How to set-up two wifi frequency

Telus Arcadyan wifi hub - How to set-up two wifi frequency I will need to set-up one 2.4Ghz and one 5Ghz wifi, anyone got the manual for these set-up.We had them before, but after reboot the wifi hub, the 2.4Ghz wifi was gone.Need to get it back sinc...

Emon by Just Moved In
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Chromecasts Not Working on Telus Wifi Hub

Has anyone had issues with chromecasts on a Telus wifi hub? We recently switched to Telus and ever since the chromecasts are intermittent at best with their connectivity. When streaming music, the connection drops every 30 seconds then reconnects abo...

starsfan9 by Just Moved In
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