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Resolved! Gmail and Telus voice-mail not playing well

I use the Telus voice-mail system on my landline. One of the features of that service is that I get sent an email when a voice-mail is left. This worked well up until the transfer to Gmail. Now when I receive a voice-mail Telus, as normally done in t...

Rick81 by Coach
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Resolved! WHY - Telus logo in printed emails?

I have suffered through the transition to the Gmail world without too many problems. Now I am forced to carry the Telus logo on ALL my printed email. This begs the question WHY?? I don't want the Telus logo on my printed correspondence. How do I get ...

Rick81 by Coach
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PureFibre Wi-Fi hub full bridge Asus Lyra

Hi everyone,I just switched from Shaw 300 to Telus 940/940. I have the asus Lyra mesh I used with the Shaw blue curve modem bridged, got over 300 down hardwired. Putting the Wi-Fi (arcadyan) hub into full bridge mode, it doesn’t go over 300. I’ve see...

Dliau925 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Internet Usage Notification

I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting a notification telling me that I've used approximately 95% of my internet usage.95% would be if I reached 972 GB and I am NOWHERE near reaching 972 GB. So my question is why I am I receiving this false notific...

lifiqusi by Neighbour
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Telus email account management

Man, I am super pissed off. I rarely use my Telus email accounts, but after getting more than a few notifications about it, etc, I decided, for security's sake, I should check on my services. I have forwarding turned on for my Telus account to forwar...

DeanD by Coach
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Resolved! Wifi Booster - Unable to detect Network

When I set up the booster initially I am able to get to the blue solid dot and scan the QR code but receive the "unable to join network" message. When I try manually to join the WIFI network doesn't show up at all. (Tried multiple devices) I have fac...

Mhortaki by Just Moved In
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Why is Telus selling services to international criminals?

Repeated early-morning VISA scam calls from boiler rooms in India. This morning, I pushed the botton and spoke with "Sam". I gave him my usual advice about his pencil and what to do with it. One automated message today gave a number for call-backs: 5...

keb by Helpful Neighbour
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