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Internet restricted by no one?

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So I have made an arrangement with my parent about my wifi restrictions, and they agreed to let me use the wifi as long as I have no school/work in the next day morning. While I am in vocation holiday at the moment now, I find myself I cannot access PARTIAL internet at specifically 2am. I asked my parent and they said they've never set up a schedule block on me, as we later checked on the My Telus family control and find none of the issue that cause it.

I am thinking is the past schedule block, which now is not available on the app/logon process anymore for some reason, still active on me even nowadays. What should I do to get rid of this "ghost" internet block on me?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Unless your parents have set up a bunch of independent connections on the router, or created a unique Wi-Fi password, the simplest thing is to reset the router to factory specifications.


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