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Resolved! How do you get the new Telus Gmail to work in Mozilla?

Hating the migration already. Not only did Office 365 crash yesterday but now I can't get the telus addy to work in Mozilla. Can someone post what I need to do. Tried normal password, ssl, filled in the 993 and 465 ports, I turned off the 2 step veri...

DebSS by Just Moved In
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telus webmail migration to google/gmail

I was moved to gmail last night and only 70 of over 2000 emails (inbox) are accessible, and non of my email folders are available. Anyone else migrated recently? Did all your content move over? Thanks, Dan

dehle by Just Moved In
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Change T3200m DNS Server settings

Hi, I apologize if this is a dumb question ... I have my T3200M providing internet for my small business, but I want to use my Windows 2019 server for DHCP and DNS for my network computers. Can I change the DNS Server 1 setting in my T3200 router set...

Resolved! Can't switch between 2.4ghz & 5ghz

My modem just shows one network for both 2.4ghz and 5ghz. My smart devices require 2.4 and must be connected to my phone that keeps automatically connecting to 5ghz so I can't use any of my smartbulbs. I've logged into the ip address admin area but c...

kelmurphy by Just Moved In
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Outlook 2013 not working properly after gmail migration

I use POP3 for my email. Before the migration, I could see the email on my phone, reply to it, and delete and then when I get home, download the same email into Outlook and it would then remove it off the Telus mail server. Since the migration, this ...

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