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Resolved! website typo

The 'i want fibre' form has a typo in the third field (by tab order).The input field description should be email, and it requires an email entry, but currently, it says "phone number" instead of email. the fourth input field (by tab order) is correct...

qg by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Boost as Access Point in Detached Building

Can the Telus Boost act as an access point (AP) connected through a switch in a detached building with a hard ethernet connection (approximately 100' of Cat6) to the T3200 router in the main residence? The information seems to suggest the Boost requi...

Resolved! Telus My Wifi Hub Scheduling Access

Hi there, We have the Telus my wifi hub and have to pause each device separately. There is no option to set a schedule in the my wifi app. I was wondering if there was any other way to do this. Thanks in advance.

sonia_17 by Just Moved In
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Upload speed way too slow

I just tested my upload speed with and without my VPN turned on, using speedtest.netWith VPN turned off - upload speed was 175 MbpsWith VPN turned on - upload speed was just 3.65 Mbps!Is this normal?

Pesi by Friendly Neighbour
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Billing the Handicapped

I first got Telus installed because from what I saw and heard they offer the best package. as far as I knew the cable was covered in my rent since I never received any kind of bill. So as you can guess it was discontinued. I called them and they told...

Resolved! Adding a second router to fiber home network

I want to add a second modem/router on my existing home network to get wifi and a wired TV connection to a detached building. I have buried conduit and can run Cat6/Coaxial from the detached building to the house to terminate at the ONT (Alcatel-Luce...

Smart Hub over usage

I live in an area that does not allow for fibre optics or the regular internet. We therefore had to go with the Telus Smart Hub with the sim card. We have had this type of internet for about 1.5-2 years with 1 terabyte of coverage per month. When we ...

FThomas by Just Moved In
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Log Files Telus WiFi Hub

I had the Telus WiFi Hub + Cisco AP installed this summer and I continue to have Internet drops on WiFi equipped devices. I also have 2 WiFi Boost installed. There are hesitations on the TV's and glitches from the PVR. The technician did the install ...

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