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Boost Wi-Fi Guest Account Setup for Dummies (that's me)

Just Moved In

We moved and got Fibre at our new location.  Woo hoo but I was totally frustrated trying to figure out how to create a Guest WI-Fi account on my Boost network.  As of December 30, 2022, Telus had no useful information so I called Tech Support.  Pablo was excellent and walked me through this so now I'm sharing with the forum as everyone else who doesn't do IT as a profession needs a step-by-step.


Please note, as of December 2022, there is NO WAY to do this on the Telus App and the Telus tech support cannot set this up remotely.

Create a Guest Account


Login to network from PC

At web browser type >

Username: admin

Password: telus

Connected Devices tab > Boost (controller) > click on IP address

Username: admin

Password: (enter booster admin password found on the device)


Click on WIFI tab (on left) > click on right arrow to scroll to Guest network tab

Status: Enabled

Username: (select username)

Password: (select generated password or create your own)


This creates a separate account from your devices. Guests cannot change the password.  You can set up other restrictions but that wasn't the priority for me.  


Done, ten minutes max to get this set up after a couple of frustrating searches and finding nerdy snippets but not enough specific details.  I hope this helps.