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Message Waiting Light Indicator

Just Moved In

Since moving my home phone over to fibre last month, my message waiting light on my Nortel 390 phone does not light up anymore after a message is left.

I have reviewed previous posts with a similar issue but the suggestions did not help.

I have power cycled the phone (5 min) but it made no difference.

The funny thing is that with my Panasonic cordless phones, I do get a visual message on the display, "Voicemail msg via phone co." after about 5 minutes once a message is left.

Also I do get the fast busy signal when I pickup the handset on both the 390 and Panasonics phones. Just no MWI on the 390 phone.

Any suggestions?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @gpi 

If the solution here didn't fix the issue for you, we recommend contacting our tech support for further troubleshooting


Just Moved In


Telus support said that the MWI light is a feature now when converted from copper to fibre?? Absolutely makes no sense to me. I still however get the fast busy tone to indicate a waiting VM message, but no flashing light. 

My Panasonic phones however also get a visual message saying there is a VM from the phone company waiting.

Support said they would take my issue into consideration, but I think we all know it will never be re-implemented.