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Wifi boosters, modem and smart switch

HelloI have a Telus t3200 modem with two frequency 2.4 and 5. But there are setup in garage so to get connectivity till the top floorI have 2 boosters installed which run on their own separate network and all my devices are connected to that. So I wa...

Aryan by Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus WiFi Hubs listed as targets of attack

From this article: "...once exploited, the vulnerability can be used to bypass authentication procedures on affected routers and modems to enable the Telnet servic...

stampeder by Friendly Neighbour
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Kids winning the battle on Youtube - Need to show who's boss

So the time as come to put the foot down on the Youtube App inside the Optik TV STB. I was able to block the YouTube channel with PIN so victory there. From what I can tell there is no way to uninstall the YouTube app on the Optik STB operating syste...

bumbo73 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Maximum Number of Devices Wifi

Hi there,I have the new arcaydian wifi hub with gigabit internet. I have couple wifi devices drop connection occasionally, and they’re not far from the router. I do have a bunch of smart home devices, could this be caused by having too many wifi devi...

sillyjav by Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus Wi-Fi Hub: is my experience typical?

Hello, I recently had a Telus Wi-Fi Hub installed in my wood frame, 1100 sq ft (31 cubic meters) apartment style condo and an wondering if others have had a similar experience. Thank you for any feedback as not sure what to expect. For a hard-wired c...

Jeff4 by Just Moved In
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Wifi 5G Issues

I have been recently having issues with 5G connection for my wifi. Previously never had an issues with my device connecting and syncing together. Just one day over night is all change as of July 27. Now all devices (3 google homes, 2 computers (work ...

Resolved! Optik IPV5050 Box Losing Connection

I have the T3200M Modem with 3 IPV5050 remote boxes. 2 of the boxes are on the second floor and work fine for the most part. Oddly enough, as I type this, one of the boxes has frozen, 2 minutes later it has reconnected. My question is that I usually ...

Habby by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Poor upload speeds but only when hardwired

Hello, I am having a strange issue with my new telus internet. Currently with the gig fibre.My speeds when I am on wifi are: 200-300Mbps download100-200 Mbps Upload1-2 Ping My speeds when I am hardwired with cat6 cable are: 900-1000 Mbps download0.01...

DCRyan by Neighbour
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Resolved! Possible double nat issues

Hi,I have Telus fiber 1gb connection and the t3200m modem/router. I have it in bridge mode and port one connected to a unifi dream machine. From my work pc when I use cmd to run tracert I get the followingTracing route to []over a m...

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