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Stay logged in?


Hello all, I have just activated Call Control and find it to be very useful.  I especially like the call log it keeps and would like to access it daily.  Once logged in however, is there any way to stay logged in, or stay logged in longer, to avoid having to log in each time I access the call log?


Community Power User
Community Power User

This is a session timout set on the server. You could post to the ideas section to have the time increased. Many browsers support saving credentials to allow for quick login to web sites.

Thanks, I will try that.  Chrome does the quick login for me but it still takes a while because I suppose I have a slow internet connection and server latency.  I wonder if being logged in continuously causes any particular issues?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Keeping the session active will use resources on the server. Not sure how big of an impact that would have as that would depend on heavily the server is being used.


It's a big security risk to keep your account session active. The My Telus account has access to your mobile phone number and that's used for 2 factor authentication for many services like your bank accounts, PayPal, email services, etc. A stolen device with an active session to My Telus account would be big trouble.

Hi, thanks for the comment.  I would, as you say, not want such a thing
on a portable device that could be lost or stolen but if used only on a
home PC, as in my case, it would be less risky I would think.  In any
case, it appears there is no such option (to stay logged in) so it's
only of academic interest.

I have noticed that there is a "rapid log in" option available that I at
first glance thought would help but it is a one time only process that
has to be re-enabled after each use so is not very helpful.

All in all, I'm not sure this Call Control thing is going to be of net
benefit as I also wonder what happens with web sites that use the phone
to send a code number for login authentication.  Maybe I'll just turn
off the phone ringer like I did before. 🙂