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Telus boost wifi not working with ethernet switch

I recently picked up a Tp link ethernet switch (TL-SG1008D) to use with my telus wifi booster and a few other devices. I have run into a problem though, when I connect JUST the wifi booster to the switch it works fine. But If I connect something else...

Arvan by Neighbour
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Resolved! No message waiting light?

I recently was updated to Telus fibre. All went smoothly BUT I now notice a couple of telephone related things. 1) I suddenly have call waiting. A feature I hate and would like to permanently disable. Yes PERMANENTLY! 2) I have 2 Panasonic wireless p...

Rick81 by Coach
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Resolved! Blank screens after logging into Arcadyan router

I've tried multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) but get nothing but a blank screen after logging into my Telus Arcadyan ("trash can") router. Once, after hitting Refresh, I was able to get a nag screen suggesting a change of admin password, bu...

TELUS PureFibre X

Good day all... I'd be very interested in chatting with anyone who may be currently running the TELUS Purefibre X 2.5Gbps service, including thoughts on speed, useability, and equipment... Thanks...

DrPacman by Rockstar
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Resolved! my wifi parental controls

Hi I use to be able to use the mywifi app to schedule time off the wifi for the kids. this feature is now elusive and I can't change the schedule. I can only manually pause all their devices. I click on the kids profile and it only gives me two optio...

glen1974 by Just Moved In
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Activating IPv6 in Bridge Mode

Hey all, I'm using the Telus Wifi Hub in bridge mode with a Asus AX-11000 but the Telus Hub doesn't seem to be passing IPv6 addresses through. My Asus is generating them but when they leave the Telus hub, they are sent as IPv4. Any suggestions of how...

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