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Good by Security.

"Your Norton Security and VPN services are expiring soon" Telus is not raising prises, the just move the free virus protection into a payed service. Pay or take your chances.

Just_LH by Ambassador
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Migration to Google

I opened my now Google email last week. How long does it take for previous Telus emails to migrate?

Fran2 by Neighbour
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ARP Cache Poisoning Attack

Hi, my antivirus keeps telling me that:"A computer on the network is sending malicious traffic. This can be an attempt to attack your computer"Based on the IP and MAC address of the source of this "attacks" I determined it's coming from a Telus wirel...

Kronos by Organizer
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Not in service messages

telus changed me to fibre optics last week and since then, people calling me on my land line are getting “not in service or this number is not assigned messages”. This does not happen every time someone calls, as I have been receiving some calls. It ...

JD2 by Just Moved In
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Phone jack not working

Is it normal that only one phone jack in your home would be activated? (I know... I am probably the only one in the world still using a land line...) I can only find 2 jacks, wanted to move the phone from one to the other, but it doesn't work. Telus ...

beachgrrrl by Helpful Neighbour
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Ai mesh support?

I recently purchased a new Asus router set to improve home wifi. It is the AX6100 system. Currently, i have a switch splitting the connection from the fiber modem into the asus router and the telus T3200M router. Wifi has been disabled on T3200M and ...

Damnhobos by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Msg mgr

I am trying to set up messaging for my home phone. I try to enter password and keep getting the recording incorrect please try again later and then am disconnected. Enter the 10 digit number as given and instructed to be able to access it and set new...

LKSand by Just Moved In
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