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Fiber Optic availability in Crofton BC?

As the title suggests I am moving to Crofton on the south east side of Vancouver Island and I am wondering if Telus has extended their fiber optic network to Crofton? Using the search tool on their website shows my new address as suitable with fiber ...

Type of injector used on fibre optic line?

I want to move the Fiber Terminal Box installed by Telus. What is the type of connector used at the end of the fiber Optik line? Can I purchase an extension cable? If so, what do I look for to order?I just need to move it about 1 metre further up the...

Riderat by Just Moved In
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Is this Telus or scammers

I received a text from 777222 today which reads this Hi it's TELUS. We have detected that your modem is nearing the end of its life, and would like to offer you a replacement so that you can get the best internet experience.Please reply ACCEPT, DECLI...

Raceface by Just Moved In
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Service fee $150 for Telus line repair?

When my internet service failed, I called support. A technician onsite determined that the fibre line had failed at a junction box that Telus installed. The fibre was dangling from the top of the pole and detached from a junction box. It was clearly ...

Request ONT connector?

Currently I have Fibre going to my Alcatel Lucent modem that plugs into my Ubiquiti USG. I am getting a new Dream Machine Pro SE and would like to connect the Fibre directly into the SFP port. I see the new modem Hubs are all combined and have a remo...

mrhector by Organizer
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Intermittent internet

We moved within our small city beginning of February.. modem was in dining room .. said couldn’t be moved. Home office is 3 bedroom furthest away from modem. Internet is intermittent every day. They have changed modem. Put in a booster. I’m fed up wi...

Maisie by Just Moved In
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