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Unable to access some websites

I have been having a strange issue where I am not able to connect to some internet services. This occurs randomly every few days and lasts for a few hours.

Some of the things that do not work include my Alexa devices, my smart light switches, some Ring security camera’s stop working, I cannot access Netflix, and I am unable to send/receive Snapchat’s or iMessages.
However, I am able to browse most websites, my Google home continues to work, and my Optik TV service continues to work.

If I switch to my cellular data or hotspot to it then everything works fine. It’s only an issue on my home internet.

It also isn’t isolated to a single device, it happens on my computer, my iPad, iPhone, etc. I have even tried to hardwire my computer and turn off wifi and it still happens.

It’s like I am only partially connected to the internet. This will last for about 3-5 hours and then suddenly everything will work again for a few days without issues.

Telus support so far has been no help. They keep trying to reset my extenders and tell me it’s my devices but I know those are not the issues as it’s not isolated to wifi and 20 plus of my devices wouldn’t suddenly stop working and then start working again fine all at the same time.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Sounds like you may be having a DNS issue with Telus’ routing. You could try a different DNS by changing it in your router’s settings.

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I can’t even access the routers settings unless I do a hard reset. (Again)

Community Power User
Community Power User

Do you receive any error messages that might shine some light on this?

No internet connection

Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you able to access your router through a wired connection when the problem occurs? 

Only select websites. Exact same as when on wifi.


Honestly, I would call technical support and work with them on going through it. You're going to be going back and forth here for a while but they can diagnose your modem from afar and send a tech if needed. I've never encountered the issue you're describing and I've had Telus internet for years.