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Restarted Optik PVR and it deleted ALL MY RECORDINGS

My PVR was not recording all the programs it was set for. When this happened before, the Telus tech told me to restart the PVR from the Menu. It worked fine. This time, restarting deleted all my recordings. I'm wondering if this has happened to any o...

TWP by Just Moved In
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Optik TV & WIFI

I grew up with Shaw’s as our home TV and internet provider. I’ve had Telus for two years now and have yet to have a positive experience. Our TV is so choppy and slow when it is working, I’ve upgraded my phone to unlimited data due to our home wifi be...

Celsy02 by Just Moved In
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Optik tv woes: skips, misses, and no deletes

We've had Optik tv and internet for a couple years, performance has been good. However suddenly the PVR is misbehaving in several ways. It misses recordings, existing recordings can not be deleted, and some existing recordings skip and get stuck on p...

Gaston by Just Moved In
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Utilizing builder installed Data Cable

Backgorund information - Telus tech came and installed Fiber connection box, Modem, PVR and 3 slave digital boxes. The PVR is hardwired and the digital boxes are wireless. We were having issues with freezing and constantly having reboot system. Tech ...

sdinn by Just Moved In
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Change setup

Greetings, The digital box is restarting every few hours. I was wondering if changing the setup might fix the problem. My current setup has the PVR (UIW8001) with an ethernet connection to the modem, and the digital box (VIP5602WT) with an HDMI conne...

Shane by Leader
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Tv problems

HiSome channels seems to always stall/freeze when watching

RSMS by Just Moved In
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CBC News channel rewind capability

Telus should permit viewers to rewind programming on the CBC News channel just like this feature is currently available for CTV News and Fox News. This would be especially helpful if we click on a channel that is covering a story or topic that we wan...

Marshall2 by Just Moved In
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