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Multiple Telus Optik Boxes in One Room

Multiple Telus Optik Boxes in One RoomI’m new to TELUS optik tv. How do I change the remote/box frequencies so that I can use three different remotes to run three different boxes/TVs in the same man cave. The tech support I talked to said it wasn’t p...

Jaycee7ca by Just Moved In
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Could please give an update on when will HBO Max be available on Telus? And will in be apart of the Crave package at no extra charge.HBO Max said it was be launching May 27/2020 and cant find any information on when Telus will provide it...Thank youT...

Youwish by Just Moved In
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Slimline 2 remote; help

Jumped from shaw, I just got connected with optiktv And i got the slimline 2 remote control.I am trying to figure out “TV input/ Aux key” does this remote has this key? I dont seems like to find it, it doesnt make sense that todays people have to car...

Tinky by Neighbour
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Second cable box

I’m a current Optik tv customer and I want to add another tv. If I rent or buy a 4K Wireless Digital Box will I be able to access the pvr’d programs that are on my main cable box in my living room an another tv in the bedroom. I looked but I can’t fi...

Joshb by Just Moved In
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Optik 4K box settings

Hi, when I turn on my Optik 4K box it will either be in 1080p or 2160. When I turn it off its always in 2160 and set to a 4K channel. I have to remember to check the settings every time I turn it on as it mostly reverts to 1080p. Anyone know why its ...

Murray2 by Just Moved In
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How do I set up my Telus cable box?

IR pairing with Samsung smart tv

Can I pair the IR controls on the telus cable box with the IR sensor on my smart TV so I can put the cable box in a cabinet?

toby by Just Moved In
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Optik TV PVR switching to Netflix app by itself

My Optik TV PVR 4k is intermittently switching to the Netflix app by itself. We can be watching Live TV or a PVR recording, and suddenly, it will switch to the Netflix app by itself. We only have one Telus Remote, and it can be sitting on the table w...

BCCanuck by Just Moved In
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