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First time Telus user

So I just switched from Shaw yesterday and have a few initial observations. Tell me if I’m wrong here:

1) tried to set up an automatic recording for the oilers games and it looks like there’s no way to record games for one team only? Do I have to record every NHL game and delete the ones I don’t want? And if I have to do that there’s no way to delete a batch of things all at once?

2) Also, I can’t set the recording to extend in case of overtime?

3) there’s no option to lock the profile you’re in. So if I setup a profile for the kids with parental controls on the content, what’s to stop someone from just switching profiles when I leave the room or going to the admin profile and altering their permission levels? What’s the point of parental controls if you can’t lock the profiles

4) Fast forward/rewind is lightning quick and I can’t find a way to adjust the speed. Nor can I find a way to adjust how far the skip function goes. Is that right?

5) The Home Screen is so cluttered with useless “suggestions” and “what’s next” tabs that I cant easily get to the categories or channels I want. But there’s no way to customize this?

6) There’s no info on my recording capacity. How much is the capacity to record?

These are all standard features on Shaw’s service. Unless I’m missing something, if this is the way Telus boxes operate I may be switching back during the trial period

Also looks like the google search button in the middle of the remote can’t search the actual TV guide for anything. Is that right? It only brings up YouTube content or searches the web? When I ask it to search the tv guide for anything it just brings up search content from YouTube. What’s the point of this button?

Hi @markusmd2000 My colleague explained the two different types of search functions in this thread. In short, Google assistance searches across apps, but it is not integrated with shows that are only on live TV. However, if you use the speech-to-text search function via the magnifying glass it will include TV results.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @markusmd2000 , we have a lot of features that are in the works and will be released in the future. This includes sports team recordings, batch delete, profile PIN, multiple Fast forward/rewind speeds, and a home screen settings toggle. 


For sports recordings, they're auto-extended by 60 mins for all games, except for tennis, which is 90 mins. 

Your cloud recording is unlimited with a restricted storage duration of 90 days. (this will also increase in the future)

Lastly, if you click the search icon on the screen, it will bring up TV guide content if it's available. You can use "text to voice" or type in the search bar! 

Any idea on the timeline for those updates? I’d consider them basic features that should have been part of the system already so I’m quite surprised that they’re not available from the start