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How to get The Frame channel?

I was just offered to switch to Telus from Shaw after being with Shaw over 20 years. I received the agreement but am about to cancel because I was not promised the comfort to get the package of TV channels that I currently have. I am blindly acceptin...

Constantly adding Promo & OnDemand channels

Anyone else just sick and tired of Telus constantly adding Promo and OnDemand channels? Every time there is a reset, I end up having to manually customizing my guide because Telus keeps adding more and more Promotional channels. Every time it takes m...

ugh by Just Moved In
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CFAX radio not on Optik TV?

Seems I can find any other local Victoria radio stations on the Optik guide except CFAX 1070. Is there a reason for not carrying it?Thanks.

65Val by Coach
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OPTIK TV on Apple TV not taking Canadian feed

Anyone know why I can watch an American Station (eg CBS) TV on my apple TV and not get interrupted by the Canadian feed. I.E If I watch football on a regular TV I get the CTV feed on the CBS station but if I watch the same thing on my Apple TV this d...

Netflix on Optic Tv wont sign in

I have a netflix account but do not have a paid package through Telus. My netflix was created before switching.When i go to Nexflix app and sign in it wont accept my login through Telus tv. However with internet connected to my tv I can sign in throu...

laxbird by Neighbour
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Arris VIP5662W/Support for ARC?

HiDoes the Arris VIP5662W support ARC?I have a Sony STR -DN1080 Home Theatre Receiver and a new LG OLED55C1AUB If not does Telus have a box that supports ARC?

jege41 by Neighbour
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Extending Optik TV range

Anything new for this issue?I want to have Optik TV in my garage, but it's out of range for my router. I read the post from 2018 which said there may be something in the works. Hoping there is.... Thanks.

65Val by Coach
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Resolved! "Continue watching"

Does anyone else wish there was a "Continue Watching" section in Telus On Demand like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc?

New theme pack channels not showing up

Last week I switched theme pack subscriptions. The old channels disappeared as expected but the new channels have yet to appear. In my tv guide. I can find them in the Optik TV app but not through my actual pvr box. I've tried calling in, chatbot, tw...